Text Box:Vibration analysis provides detailed information on rotating equipment and helps identify potential and existing problems.  Our experienced technicians and use the latest vibration diagnostic equipment and analytical techniques to solve even the most difficult problems. We identify the specific source of recurring problems that may lead to mechanical failures such as ac or dc motor problems, structural deflection, a softfoot condition, etc. Our vibration analysis service includes a comprehensive report on predictive maintenance testing and procedures, analysis of the tests, and recommendations for corrective actions.
In Place Balancing
consists of single or two-plane balancing of equipment while in the system.  Types of equipment normally balanced in place: Fans, Dryer Cans, Rolls, Bark Hogs, Hammer Mills, etc 

Davis Vibration Predictive Analysis  Laser Alignment complements our machinery balancing and vibration analysis services; and is the most accurate and quickest method of identifying misalignment problems.  In spite of self-aligning bearings and flexible couplings, problems due to misalignment are nearly as common as those due to unbalance.  Laser alignment will help extend the life of bearings, gears, seals, and other machinery components.
Laser alignment applications include:

-Diesel and gas engine generating sets,
-Couplings and
bearings in gearboxes and generators,
-Pump couplings,
seals and bearings, measurements of "soft-foot", or vertical movement of
machine feet, when mounting bolts are loosened (this condition can cause
great difficulty if not recognized and corrected), alignment of shafts that are
separated by spool pieces up to 12 feet in length.