Davis Vibration Dynamic Balancing Services specializes in the efficient balancing of steam turbine rotors and gas turbine rotors. We understand the necessity for completing an outage in a time critical manner. By having us conduct a dynamic low speed balance of your rotor on site we can save your company the time and cost of shipping your rotor to a repair facility. We typically work with turbine repair facilities to assist in timely repair and get your plant back up and running as soon as possible. Davis Vibration Dynamic Balancing Services does not conduct turbine repairs, all we do is balance.

Precision stand balancing consist of a low speed balance in one of our portable balancing machines. Davis Vibration owns 4 portable balancing machines with the capability to balance rotors up to 200,000 lbs. We have the capability to conduct two and three bearing / plane balancing. We own two flatbed trucks we use to transport our equipment. We can normally mobilize and be at your site in less than 48 hours. We can set up in less than 1 day and normally can have your rotor balanced in less than 12 hours.

Other industries using our services are power generating plants, water & gas utilities, manufacturing facilities, pulp and paper mills, steel mills, and other commercial and industrial applications. A low speed balance can be performed on all types of rotating machinery including fans, blowers, motor rotors, dryer cans, pump impellers, steam and gas turbine generators, rolls, etc.

Please contact us to discuss how our field balancing services can help you save money, reduce downtime, and increase productivity.